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Our Mission and Values

We’ve been around longer than most VoIP companies, and we’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible changes in technology over the years. Most companies that provide VoIP Phone systems have less than 10 years in the business compared to our ongoing legacy starting when voicemail was cutting-edge! We take pride in developing phone system solutions and ideas that no one else does or has the experience to do.

We recognize the challenges that technology can create even in the context of how it should make things better, less costly, and more efficient. It can only do these things if implemented properly with careful attention to your business needs and objectives. Many businesses often lean towards buying big names in technology in an effort to ensure they’ve made the right purchasing decision. With our Nevada network cabling services, we’ll show you alternatives that meet and exceed project goals while also reducing costs.

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Our History

Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada since 1985, CONWAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC., provides voice and data solutions throughout the U.S. Data and Voice services are what we excel in. From cable to systems, we have it all! Our telecommunication services provide customers with quality VoIP Phone systems, including our adaptive Mitel phones with cloud hosting, on-premise, or a combination of the two. Conway Communications, Inc.’s approach focuses on phone systems, data networks, and security solutions that are carefully designed to provide maximum return on your investment, guaranteed total cost of ownership, and focused on solving specific business problems.

We pride ourselves on being Voice Experts, pushing technology to deliver more than just a ringing phone with voicemail like our less-experienced competitors. As an authorized Mitel dealer in Carson City, we serve thousands of businesses of all types and sizes all over the country. Our efficient and reliable voice and data solutions are ideal for small businesses, casinos, hotels, government entities, educational facilities, large enterprises, professional services, medical, manufacturing, auto dealerships, and more. Whatever your business is, CONWAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC. has the VoIP experience to deliver more than just a phone system. We deliver data solutions through long-lasting relationships by always doing the right thing. We've been in the VoIP business since 1985 -and we have many customers still with us today! The CONWAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC. secret to success is outstanding customer satisfaction!

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Affordable Technology Solutions

CONWAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC. will engineer a voice and data solution that meets your needs, not a menu selection of package A, B, or C. Our agency program for carrier services provides a liaison for traditional and voice/fax over the top of your existing Internet for less costly services. We also offer hosted phones, cloud phones, VoIP, or traditional phone systems with easy-to-use features with mobility and unified communication tools to enhance the user experience and increase operational efficiencies. 

Our experienced and professionally trained personnel will respond to your needs fast, efficiently, and effectively. Our affordable technology solutions will fix your costs and put an end to the ongoing hidden expenses of owning, operating, and maintaining technology. Service comes first. We’ve all heard the mantra before, but CONWAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC. guarantees it.

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